We want to connect dying
people with living organs.

Together, we can save lives. Will you help?

People are dying every day for lack of an available
heart, lung, kidney or liver.

In many countries donated organs are lost or not
used every day for lack of an available person to
receive the transplant.

A Solvable Problem

About 115,000 people in the U.S. need an organ transplant. Most of them will die waiting.
In fact, 20–25 people in this country die every day waiting for a heart, lung, or liver. The small percentage of people who finally receive a transplant wait 2.5 years before a donated organ becomes available.
But across the globe, an excess of donated organs are wasted-Iost-discarded-every day! Accidental deaths worldwide result in potentially available organs, in countries that practice a legal "opt-out" organ donation policy.
What if there was a way to connect people who need life-giving organs with legal, qualified, safe, and clean medical facilities and available organs?
We are the International Organ Foundation, a 501 C-3 charitable organization. And we believe we can make these critical connections. But we need your help.


What We Do

We locate, validate, and connect credible transplant facilities worldwide with people in need
of a transplant organ.

To connect people in need with qualified transplant facilities worldwide, our goal is to identify facilities that perform these advanced procedures. Our team of skilled healthcare professionals will visit these facilities and certify that they meet or exceed U.S. quality standards, validating the safety, cleanliness, and skill level of the facility and resident physicians. Once the facility has been validated and certified, we will work to connect people in need of a transplant with these pre-screened, pre-qualified facilities.
Our services consist of validating the international facilities, coordinating approval and clearances with governments and agencies, and connecting potential transplant recipients with appropriate facilities.
All of our services are offered at no charge to the recipients. However, all actual travel and medical costs are the sale responsibility of the individuals, including subsequent anti-rejection medications and follow-up care.




It's simple. We want to save the lives of
people waiting for transplant organs.


What We Need
As a not-far-profit charitable organization, we're raising funds and assembling a world-class board of directors. We're connecting with prominent politicians, leaders in healthcare, caring physicians, and people who care deeply about saving lives.

Will you join us?
Will you help us save lives?
Can you give your most generous
and caring gift today?